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Music List

Project MEU's second competition is for music. There are 14 pieces in the musical feature "Middle Earth Uncovered", you can write just one song, or several, or the complete collection if you want. We and our judges will decide which competition entries to use in the final film. The creators of the selected songs will receive credits as composer, arranger and performer(s).

The songs / pieces need to be recorded with the voices appropriate to the characters i.e. the sex, rough age, type of person and, as a solo/duo/trio, with or without chorus. However, the orchestration is up to you, within reason - the songs list and screenplay give you a guide (e.g. you wouldn't use a string quartet arrangement to the Goblins' Rap).

See the Assets That You Provide page for precise details of what to enter into the competitions, and the Submit Music page for how to enter the competition.

The table below gives you details. It gives the names of the song / pieces and where, in the screenplay the piece will be used. All of the lyrics to these songs will be completed and available by the end of December '18. Currently, there are several sets of song lyrics ready for you to use, more will be entered into the table as they are written. The table also shows song demos, to give you the idea.

Song Scene Title Type Demo Track Lyrics
1 1 “Dwarves Song” Chorus, in a round See lyrics Open in new tab
2 3 “Glutes and Pecs” Goblin’s Rap See lyrics Open in new tab
3 8 "Flauntit’s Solo"      
4 14 "Frank’s Jig" Solo (Jig / shanty)    
5 17 “They’re Hot” (Sharon’s Song) Funk style    
6 20 "Queen’s Libation"  a la Enya   See lyrics Open in new tab
7 27 "Queen’s Lament" Soloist with small chorus of handmaidens See lyrics Open in new tab
8 35 "Elves’ Chorus"  (with dance)    
9 46 "3 Bureaucrats' Song" Trio    
10 49 "The Tax Form" Solo patter song See lyrics Open in new tab
11 56 "Goblins’ & Dwarves’ Working Song" Chorus (sad)    
12 62 “We Go To Our Sleep” Solo (Armolas) & Elf Chorus (sad, dreamy, antiphonal, etc.)    
13 68 “An’ he was sighin’ ’n squawking” Bee Gees’ style funky disco song with close harmonies; verse 1 only    
14 69 "Wedding Dance" Up-tempo.